Aviation Health Institute

Titan Airways in conjunction with Aviation Health (AH), have developed a brand new concept in passenger well being. This will put us at the forefront of promoting passenger health and provide the means to counter the effects of flying. Having already taken passengers' comfort into account in regard to leg room. Our aircraft operate in configurations offering at least a 31 inch leg pitch. This compares favourably to other carriers offering only 28 inches in similar aircraft types. On our Boeing 757 in its business class configuration we offer a 50 inch leg pitch which is extremely comfortable for long haul operations and on our Boeing 737-300 in its business class configuration we offer an amazing 60 inches of leg room and ultimate comfort.

AH was founded by Farrol Kahn at the suggestion of Professor Sir David Weatherall of the University of Oxford in 1996. The aim of AH is to promote the health and wellbeing of passengers worldwide. Its objectives are education and prevention.

As one of the leading corporate charter airlines in the UK and Europe, Titan Airways have taken the initiative of becoming the first airline to work directly alongside AH. Travelling through several time zones can affect sleep patterns, circulation and especially digestion. In showing that we care, we have introduced, 'healthy options in flight' in regard to food, drink and general wellbeing while on board our aircraft. This can make a trip more pleasurable and passengers can arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

We have already received very favourable comments in regard to our 'healthy option menus' from a variety of clients.

As well as the much publicised circulatory problems leading to DVTs, there are issues surrounding pressurised cabins, dehydration, reduced oxygen, and jet lag. AH has devised some tips for a more pleasant journey, which will be available on board. We can also recommend a variety of products and on board services for our private charters that relate to the wellbeing of all of our passengers. It is possible to obtain information on this by contacting our In-flight Services team.