Safety, what it means to us

Titan Airways places the highest priority on our passengers' safety and comfort. We are regulated by the European Aviation Safety Association, with keen oversight of the UK Civil Aviation Authority. We are subjected to constant scrutiny from the Authority to prove that we continue to comply with all these regulations, allowing us to hold an Air Operators Certificate.

From the design, production, testing and certification to the continued checks and maintenance once in service, our commitment to safety ensures that the integrity of our modern aircraft is preserved. Our fleet is made up of some of the most trusted manufactures in the industry.

Every one of our pilots is carefully selected and trained to a high standard, and is tested regularly to retain their competence and fitness. All our flights are recorded and the data analysed to identify any practices that may compromise safety. Cabin crew are extensively trained for abnormal situations, have a high level of first aid knowledge as well as exemplary customer service skills. The working hours of both pilots and cabin crew are monitored to ensure that they are always alert. All supporting staff within the company are subject to similar checks for proficiency in their area of operation.

Like all airlines, Titan Airways' primary objective is to maintain the highest level of safety possible. There can be no denying that safety costs money but Titan Airways have always had a policy of re-investing a high proportion of our turnover towards safety. Over the years aviation has embraced new methods and technologies to continually enhance the safety of what is already well known to be the safest form of transport. As soon as this new technology - such as Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems and Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems - were introduced, we were among the first to fit them to our aircraft.

We have a fully interactive safety management system that involves every member of staff, at every level, ensuring that everyone contributes and understands the collective responsibility required in a modern company to improve and evolve.