Airbus A318-100
Business Class


Titan Airways all-business Airbus A318-100 is now available in two alternative cabin configurations for greater choice for high end travel. In addition to our 32 lie-flat seat configuration, G-EUNB is also available with a club 4 table for greater working/dining convenience.

Both cabin options feature comfortable business seats, offering a huge 72 inch seat pitch when upright, convert into 6ft (183cm) fully lie-flat beds and include individual in-seat power sockets for laptops, phones and other portable entertainment devices. The Club 4 cabin includes 28 of the lie-flats, together with 4 non recline-able seats, arranged around a card/dining table. This cabin option is suitable for a maximum of 30 passengers as the rear facing seats may not be used for takeoff or landing. All seats are use-able in the 32 lie-flat layout.

Ideal for short, medium and long haul, single and multi-destination trips, our Airbus has a superb range - for an aircraft of its size - of 3,600 miles. Plus, thanks to its size and steep approach compatibility, the aircraft can operate to and from smaller regional airfields.

The bright, spacious cabin enables guests to sit back, relax and thoroughly enjoy our 5-star service. With sumptuous in-flight dining, complemented by fine wines and delivered by cabin crew who are passionate about service, the Titan Airways' Airbus A318 experience is sure to be truly memorable one.


  • Choice of cabin layouts
  • Lie-flat seats offering a 72 inch seat pitch when upright and convertible into 6ft (183cm) beds
  • In seat power sockets for laptops and other devices
  • Steep approach compatibility, enabling operations to smaller, regional airfields
  • Cruise speed of 540mph
  • Maximum range 3600nm
  • Aircraft livery and interior can be customised with corporate / event branding