Boeing 737-300


Titan Airways operates two Boeing 737-300QC aircraft. With seats mounted on pallets and a roller floor, the aircraft can be converted from passenger to freight configuration and vice versa in just 30minutes.

The aircraft operate nightly Monday to Friday on behalf of the Royal Mail, guaranteeing the safe delivery of the UK’s post. Outside of those commitments - during the day on weekdays and at the weekend - the aircraft are available for either passenger or cargo charter.

In freight configuration the aircraft are capable of carrying up to 14,800kgs of cargo and operate a containerised loading system. For details of passenger configuration options visit our B737-300 Standard Class and Business Class webpages.

The aircraft can be launched on very short notice in response to urgent charter requests.


  • Convertible from passenger to freight configuration in 30mins
  • Capable of carrying up 14,800kg of freight with a volumetric capacity of up to 80m³
  • Containerised freight system
  • Ability to operate out of small regional or major international airports
  • Ability to operate in poor weather conditions
  • Cruise speed of 550mph
  • Maximum range 2500nm
  • Cruising altitude 35,000ft