Boeing 737-400F


In February 2017 Titan Airways introduced our first Boeing 737-400F, a dedicated freighter aircraft.

The 734F, registered G-POWP, is an eleven pallet configuration freighter able to carry 88"x125", 88"x108" and 96"x125" containers or pallets.

The aircraft is capable of carrying up to 18,000kg of cargo with a volumetric capacity of 149m3.

The aircraft currently operates a nightly weekday service carrying time critical mail freight for the UK postal service, helping to ensure the safe delivery of thousands of items of post on a daily basis. Outside of those commitments - during the day on weekdays and at the weekend - the aircraft is available for ad hoc cargo charter.

Like all the aircraft in the Titan fleet, G-POWP can be launched at short notice in response to urgent charter requests.


  • Capable of carrying up 18,000kg of freight with a volumetric capacity of up to 149m³
  • Containerised/palletised freight system
  • Ability to operate out of small regional or major international airports
  • Ability to operate in poor weather conditions