Airbus A320 Reaches 25 Year Milestone

Posted: Monday 8th April 2013

We’ve discovered that we are not the only ones in the aviation sector celebrating our 25th anniversary this year.  2013 also marks a 25 year milestone for Airbus with the first delivery of their ever popular A320 dating back to March 1988.

When first introduced, the A320 was unique among commercial aircraft as it included a number of revolutionary features, such as digital fly-by-wire flight control systems and side stick controls. Over the intervening years other leading aircraft manufacturers followed Airbus's lead.

Since Air France became the first operator of the A320 a quarter of a century ago, the A320 product line has diversified to include the smaller A318 and A319 and the larger A321, and is today a highly popular choice for a host of airlines worldwide.

At Titan Airways we’re marking our own 25 year anniversary by introducing the first Airbus into our fleet.  The seven year young Airbus A320-233 joins us in just a few short weeks and will begin revenue service from May 1st.