Latest Boeing 757 interior

Posted: Thursday 15th December 2011

Earlier this week our Boeing 757 was reconfigured into its new slimline seat interior.  These new ergonomically styled seats have meant we have been able to take the cabin from 198 seats to 202 seats without reducing the very comfortable 31 inch seat pitch.  The aircraft has recently completed a large maintenance check and during this, went through a complete cabin revamp. Complete with new carpet, recovered side panels, new light lenses and a brighter style of cabin lighting, has all helped to enhance the whole cabin look and feel. It is now bright and fresh and ready for the start of our winter Ski season. With our new seats in place, we now have maximum flexibility to operate in 202 seats at 6 abreast down to 134 seats at 4 abreast.  Each set of seats can change from 3 to 2 at the touch of a button.  This means that the cabin can be changed very quickly to suit all types of charter flights or even scheduled service where there is a requirement for a business class section.  From the front row to the last row at the rear of the cabin each set of seats can be changed.  So there are a variety of configurations this aircraft can now operate in.  You can discuss in more detail about the unique flexibility of this cabin with our commercial team, please call +44 (0) 1279 680616.  This interior is really something very different in the charter market and we are expecting a lot of interest for forward charter requirements.