New Slim Line seats for the 757 fleet

Posted: Monday 5th September 2011

The 757 is our most versatile aircraft and now it has got even better! We have decided to change the interior of the Boeing 757 and have ordered some new slim line seats. The first ship’s set should arrive in late September 2011 and will go straight into our existing 757. They are much slimmer and a more modern design than those currently in the aircraft.

Set in a 31inch seat pitch these seats are ergonomically designed to give maximum space and comfort.  The real deal with these seats is that they also have the capability to transform from 3 seats to 2 with a central table that flips down at the press of a button and armrests that move centrally. This makes the two outer seats wider for more comfort, giving passengers a much improved experience and allowing us to configure individual rows to suit requirements.  We will be able to achieve this in every row from row 1 right all the way to the back of the aircraft.  A very unique product and offering to our clients who want something different.

The continuous programme of improvements at Titan Airways and the investment in our fleet and service, mean that we remain the airline of choice.