Titan Airways Crew Step Out in New Uniform

Posted: Friday 9th June 2017

Since the spring, Titan Airways’ cabin crew have been stepping out in stylish new uniforms, created by bespoke corporate wear and uniform suppliers JSD Designs Ltd.

Titan Airways has established a strong brand identity with our unusual colour scheme, instantly recognisable logo and our eye-catching aircraft livery, but, although our crew have always stood out from the crowd in terms of professionalism and service delivery, we felt that the uniform needed updating in favour of a sleeker more corporate look.  Since our crew are ambassadors for the Titan brand, what they wear, as well as the service they deliver, matters.

Titan worked closely with JSD Designs to create a customised look which reflects our brand identity.  The individual pieces are simply cut from a bespoke fabric, designed and woven exclusively for us, with a subtle copper check. Our signature silver and copper colour palette is again picked out throughout the detailing: on pockets; buttons; wings; cuff links and neck scarves/ties.

From the outset, JSD Designs impressed us with their thoroughness and attention to detail.  We’re thrilled with the results and are pleased to report that the refined new look has been well received by crew, customers and passengers.  We that hope you like it too.