Titan Airways Introduces Electronic Flight Bags

Posted: Monday 7th July 2014

At Titan Airways, we have become the first UK airline to gain approval for Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) to be used as the sole source of information on our flight deck and have issued pilots of our Airbus A320 with iPad based EFBs.

The EFB is an electronic information management device, designed to reduce or replace the need for traditional paper manuals. Functions of the technology include performance figure calculation, chart display, taxi positional awareness, video flight deck entry surveillance, and electronic access to documents.

The introduction of the EFB onto the flight deck will enable us to make flight operations and maintenance cost savings, improve safety and efficiency, and enhance document accessibility and configuration control, as well as eliminating the need for heavy paper manuals.

Captain Andrew Taggart, EFB Manager, explains:

“The innovation in Electronic Flight Bags is exciting both technically and in terms of efficiency and is transforming the way we operate on the flight deck. 

Having researched the range of products available on the market, we opted for applications produced by two of the biggest names in aviation: Jepessen’s FliteDeck Pro, for charting; and Airbus's FlySmart, for takeoff and landing performance calculations. Together they combine to provide a self contained EFB, allowing us operate anywhere in the world without the need for internet connectivity. Which was an important factor for us, given our specialism in rapid response air charter, with the ability to launch within 60 minutes to any one of over 5000 airports on our database.”

Following the successful introduction of the EFB to the Airbus, we will shortly begin rolling out the new technology to our Boeing 737, 757 and 767 aircraft.