Titan Airways Operates Relief Flight to Nepal

Posted: Thursday 14th May 2015

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal at the end of April, Titan Airways operated a relief flight, transporting rescue teams and essential equipment to, and bringing British citizens home from, the disaster region.

Following the initial call 24 hours earlier, on Sunday 26th April Titan Airways' Boeing 767 aircraft - G-POWD - was launched with the rescue personnel, their dogs and 13 tonnes of aid onboard.

The difficult situation at Kathmandu - a small single-runway airport with limited parking for large aircraft - at the centre of the relief effort, presented a huge challenge and the aircraft was initially forced to divert to Delhi.

Delhi too was in difficulty, as it struggled to cope with the influx of diversions from Kathmandu but, despite the challenges, we were able to continue on to Kathmandu on the Wednesday morning, having first arranged for key members of the search and rescue teams to be transferred to a Spanish military aircraft.

Kathmandu airport remained heavily congested with aircraft parked nose to nose. Once the aircraft had slotted in and the crucial cargo was offloaded, with a human chain moving the supplies and equipment, we were able to pick up our return passengers.

The return flight operated via Dubai to Stansted where 120 Britons, who had been caught up in the earthquake, were reunited with their families in the early hours of 30th April.

This was a hugely challenging operation, made possible through the hard work, flexibility and can-do attitude of all those involved.