Lost/Delayed/Damaged Luggage

At Titan Airways, we take you personally


First of all, we are extremely sorry if your baggage has been damaged or delayed. You may well be feeling frustrated, angry and tired. There are some actions you must take to ensure that the problem is successfully resolved.

Make sure that our handling agents have completed a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) before you leave the airport.

Make sure that the handling agent gives you a copy of the PIR. This together with your flight tickets, baggage receipts and any other relevant documents will be needed if you have to make an insurance claim (It is a good idea to make a copy of these).

The majority of mislaid baggage is located within 48 hours and we would assure you that every effort is being made to trace your luggage. We subscribe to the Worldtracer Network System, designed exclusively for this purpose.

Our handling agents will advise you when your baggage has been found and it will be sent to your resort/UK home address as appropriate.

Lost or Damaged

If your baggage has been lost or damaged we want you to get full compensation for the event. Airline liability is governed by International Convention which imposes a very limited liability on carriers such as Titan Airways and your insurance policies will almost certainly offer a higher level of cover.

Therefore at the earliest opportunity notify your travel insurance company or Household All-Risks cover.

Damage claim

Baggage is designed to protect the contents. Scratches, nicks, or dirt may appear despite care in handling. Titan Airways does not accept liability for normal wear and tear to baggage, which includes: damage to or loss of protruding baggage parts such as straps, pockets, pull handles, hanger hooks, wheels and feet, or other items attached to the baggage as well as damage to oversized/overpacked bags.

Limits of liability

Titan Airways is not liable for damage to fragile items, sports equipment, musical instruments, spoilage of perishables, loss/damage/delay to money, jewellery, cameras, electronic/video/photographic equipment, computer equipment, heirlooms, antiques, artwork, silverware, precious metals, negotiable papers/securities, commercial effects, valuable papers, car and house keys, cigarettes and tobacco, necessary medication or other irreplaceable items as none of these should be placed in checked luggage.

If your bag has been damaged please check the contents carefully and ensure that any missing or damaged articles are reported to the Handling Agent and the details noted on your PIR.

Please advise your insurance Company that any correspondence in connection with your claim should be addressed directly to the following address:-

Claims Adjuster: Ross Clark

Crawford Aviation
70 Mark Lane 

Tel:  020 7265 4000

E-mail:  Ross.Clark@crawco.co.uk

If you plan on making a claim against ourselves in the first instance please contact Crawford Aviation, as we do not deal directly with any claims.


We have also provided a direct link to contacting us via our feedback form which you can access here.

In the notes section please give full details of your claim including the PIR reference number.

Claims against airlines must be made within 7 days for damaged baggage and 21 days for lost baggage. Claims will not be accepted unless made within these periods.

Please note that your copy of the Property Irregularity Report does not constitute a claim and that the airlines Condition of Carriage must be complied with at all times.

We would once again like to express our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

This page is available as a pdf for you to download and print at your leisure. Click here to download the pdf file.