From our earliest days Titan Airways has carried out air freight charter operations.  Our first aircraft was principally employed for the carriage of parts for the automotive industry and we have a long history of cooperation with the Royal Mail on UK domestic mail routes.

Today we operate two Boeing 737-400F aircraft.  The B734F, is an eleven pallet configuration freighter able to carry 88"x125", 88"x108" and 96"x125" containers or pallets.  The aircraft is capable of carrying up to 18,000kg of cargo with a volumetric capacity of 149m3.

With our two dedicated freight units, today we have greater flexibility for short, medium or long term freight operations, plus, we are experts providing rapid solutions to urgent cargo charter requests. Our cargo aircraft, like all the aircraft in the Titan fleet, can be launched within just 60 minutes of confirmation in response to time critical requirements.

To check availability for your cargo charter requirement, contact us on either +44 (0)1279 680616 or