Titan Airways Delivers COVID-19 Vaccines to Saint Helena

Last week Titan Airways flew the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines to the remote island of Saint Helena. Titan Airways’ Boeing 757, G-POWH, landed smoothly at the challenging airfield on Monday 11th January with its essential cargo.

Few commercial aircraft operate to Saint Helena, an airfield which requires specific crew training and regulatory approval due to the wind shear which can be encountered on approach.

Titan Airways operated the first Boeing 757, the largest commercial aircraft to have ever landed at Saint Helena, in July of last year.

This was our fifth flight to St Helena and fourth on the Boeing 757. Our team spends a lot of time preparing and training for these flights, working closely with St Helena airport and the Met Office. All flights to St Helena require continuous monitoring of the conditions to ensure a safe landing on the remote runway.

We have one further flight planned and are very proud to be able to support the UK and St Helena Government to deliver the Astra Zeneca / Oxford vaccine and other essential supplies to the British Overseas Territory.

Alastair Willson, Managing Director