If you are deaf and would like assistance in getting through the terminal, your tour operator or booking agent can arrange for an escort to accompany you from check-in to the aircraft, with at least seven days notice. We appreciate that everyone has individual needs and likes to be guided differently, so please let your escort know how they can best support you on the day.

We ask that you arrive at the boarding gate well in advance of the departure of your flight so that you can board more comfortably and, if you wish, take advantage of priority boarding. An announcement will be made at the gate inviting those in need of special assistance to present themselves first.

If requested, a member of the crew can give passengers individual safety briefings before the flight departs. Our crew will also be happy to help you stow hand baggage and to assist you to move between your seat and the toilet. They are unable to assist with personal care.

With at least seven days’ notice, an escort can be arranged to meet your aircraft at the arrival airport and to guide you through the terminal to reclaim your baggage.