Check-in opens up to three hours prior to departure and closes promptly 40 minutes prior to departure. All passengers are requested to be at check-in two hours prior to departure time. Security regulations require all passengers to be present at check-in. There is no online check-in option or bag drop facility.

Titan Airways flights (beginning with ZT) currently depart from the South Terminal at London Gatwick, from Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport, and from main terminals at all other UK airports.

For some flights, we require Advanced Passenger Information (passport data) prior to travel. If this is the case, your tour operator or booking agent will ask you to provide it. Otherwise, it will be collected at check-in on the day of travel. This is required by law for security reasons.

For individual private charter flight operations and closed group charters, the check-in procedure may differ from the above. Please check with your group leader or charter organiser prior to your departure date.