Travel documentation

If you plan to travel abroad, get advice, including the latest information on coronavirus, from the UK government website. Here you will find the latest requirements for international travel country-by-country, as well the UK’s most up-to-date regulations.

Please ensure you have all the correct documentation with you before you fly. This will usually include your passport, tickets, visas and any other supporting documents.

Travel documentation will be provided by your tour operator or booking agent. Check that your details are correct and that the name matches the name in your passport. Any error should be corrected prior to travel.

For international travel it is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport or ID card, plus any necessary visas for your trip. Passengers without the required passport or visa documents will be refused carriage.

For security reasons, you may be asked for your passport or suitable photographic ID (such as your driving licence) at check-in for any of our flights, even if flying within the UK.

For some flights, we require Advanced Passenger Information (passport data) prior to travel. If this is the case, your tour operator or booking agent will ask you to provide it. Otherwise, it will be collected at check-in on the day of travel.