Royal Mail Operation Extension

Posted: Monday 17th June 2013

We are pleased to reveal that Titan Airways has once again been chosen to continue to operate the night mail.  We have been notified by Royal Mail, subject to final contracts, that we are the preferred option to operate three Stansted based aircraft for the period January 2014 to January 2017.  Two of the aircraft will operate to Edinburgh and the third will operate a double run to Belfast.


Our cooperation with Royal Mail dates back to the early 90s when we were operators of the Shorts 360.  Larger ATR42s soon followed, before the BAe 146-200QC aircraft took operations in to the jet-age after their introduction to the fleet in 1996.  These versatile aircraft were subsequently joined by larger Boeing 737-300, and both types continue to serve the night mail to this day.  The new deal, however, entails 737 operations exclusively.


The 737-300 aircraft afford greater fuel efficiency as well as offering a higher payload and volumetric capacity than that of the BAe146, which is the reason for Royal Mail’s decision to standardize on the 737 and phase out the BAe146 from its network.


Alongside the new agreement, we are committed to operating between Bournemouth and East Midlands and between Exeter and Stansted until early 2015 under the terms of our existing contract.


The Royal Mail operation remains a key part of the Titan business and we are delighted with the news that we shall continue to serve Royal Mail for at least the next 4 years.

These images show Titan Airways 737-300F. G-ZAPV is a dedicated cargo aircraft and currently operates in Royal Mail colours.  Our fleet currently also comprises three Boeing 737-300QC (Quick Change) aircraft which serve the Royal Mail at night and are available for passenger charter work during the day.