Easing Your Journey with TSA PreCheck®

In order to speed up your journey through the airport, qualifying* passengers travelling with Titan Airways can use TSA PreCheck lanes when departing airports in the United States.

Passengers who are registered in the TSA PreCheck scheme will benefit from the use of a dedicated security lane, where there’s no need to take off light jackets, belts or shoes or to remove laptops or liquids (up to 3.4oz) from carry-on baggage.

With TSA PreCheck® you do not need to remove:



3-1-1 liquids


light jackets

*At present TSA PreCheck® is limited to our flights for TCS World Travel and Four Seasons

TSA PreCheck® is available to US Citizens and permanent residents. Citizens of some other countries may qualify for TSA PreCheck® through membership of other Trusted Traveller Programs. Information on joining these programs including TSA PreCheck® and CBP Global Entry can be found by the following links: