Airbus A321 neoLR

Two brand-new Airbus A321 neoLRs are joining our fleet in late 2020. These long-range narrow-body Airbus aircraft are quieter and more fuel efficient, and are being introduced as part of our ongoing investment in the future.

The single-class layout has 195 stunning Acro series 6 slimline seats in a six-abreast configuration. The seats have been ergonomically designed with passenger comfort in mind, providing additional padding, lumbar support, moveable headrests, a roomy recline with a 32-inch seat pitch, and an extra inch of width for the middle seats. They are upholstered in black leather with accent stitching for a sleek, modern look.

The two-class layout has a total of 181 seats, with 16 Acro series 7 premium slimline seats at the front of the cabin in a four-abreast layout, and 165 Acro series 6 slimline seats at the rear, in a six-abreast layout. The premium seats offer a generous 36-inch seat pitch, and provide maximum passenger comfort and personal space.

The aircraft is complete with individual in-seat USB power throughout, mood lighting and WiFi.


  • Brand-new, fuel-efficient, narrow-body aircraft
  • Modern, bright and spacious interior with mood lighting
  • Two configurations available:
    • The single-class cabin has 195 Acro series 6 slimline seats (32-inch pitch)
    • The two-class cabin has 181 seats in total, with 16 Acro series 7 premium seats (36-inch pitch) at the front of the cabin and 165 Acro series 6 slimline seats (32-inch pitch) at the rear
  • Individual in-seat USB sockets throughout
  • WiFi
  • Fitted with three additional fuel tanks, the aircraft is ideal for long-range flights, with an approximate flight range of eight to nine hours
  • ETOPs 180 capable
  • Able to operate in low visibility and poor weather conditions (Cat IIIB full Autoland)
  • Aircraft range 4,250nm
  • Cruise speed of 540mph
  • Cruising altitude 39,000ft