Titan Airways has already begun our sustainability journey and is committed to net zero target by 2050 with interim decarbonisation targets of 15% by 2030 and 40% by 2040, in line with the UK aviation industry’s targets.

In the short term the most effective measure we can take is to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible and invest in latest technology aircraft. Our initial strategy to meet our targets is detailed below. 

  • Brand new A321neo’s added in 2020 and 2021 to replace Boeing 757 passenger aircraft being retired in 2022. This will reduce carbon emissions from operations by 30%.
  • Two A321-200P2F’s added to the fleet in 2021 to replace classic freighters being retired in 2022 and 2023. The A321-200P2F is a latest technology freighter launched in 2020 and Titan Airways was the second operator in the world of this new freighter. The A321-200P2F produces 25% less emissions per available kg of payload.    
  • Titan Airways partnered with Air bp to operate its first flight using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in November 2021. A 35% blend was used for flights to COP26 reducing life cycle emissions by 28%. Titan will continue to work with suppliers to offer customers the ability to use SAF.
  • Where SAF is not available Titan Airways can offer customers an ‘insetting’ solution. This means SAF is booked and claimed for use elsewhere. This is currently being used on transcontinental all-cargo flights operated on Titan’s A330-300P2F.
  • Titan Airways is in the final stages of design of new company premises which is anticipated to be complete in 2023. Sustainability and energy efficiency has been at the heart of the design of the building. 
  • The new premises will also enable the future use of electric Ground Support Equipment and Electric Vehicles for crew transport reducing impact of non-flying activities. 
  • The company has introduced a policy that any new aircraft must meet Chapter 4 noise, reducing impact on residents.

The above is the start of our journey towards achieving our net zero target.

Sustainability is now a standing agenda item on quarterly company board meetings. We will review our Sustainability Strategy annually and track progress against our targets. Emissions reports have been added to the Compliance Board meetings.