Airbus A321-211

The Airbus A321-211 is the largest of the Airbus narrow-body fleet. Its modern design and bright, fresh cabin make it an ideal choice for a variety of charter requirements, and ACMI lease and sub-charter operations. It is fitted with the superb Acro slimline seats that have been ergonomically designed with comfort in mind, including additional padding, lumbar support, an extra inch of width for the middle seats, and ample leg room. We offer three configurations, allowing flexibility for either single- or two-class cabin options.

The single-class configurations have 218 or 220 Acro series 3 slimline seats, which have a comfortable 29-inch seat pitch. The layout is six abreast, with a central aisle.

The two-class cabin has 44 Acro series 7 premium slimline seats with superior features, such as moveable head and leg rests, a generous recline, 44-inch seat pitch, in-seat power and ample stowage. The layout is four abreast with a central aisle. These are followed by 100 Acro series 3 slimline seats, which have 29-inch seat pitch and are in a six-abreast layout with a central aisle.


  • Largest of the Airbus narrow-body aircraft
  • Modern, bright and airy cabin
  • All-white exterior for easy exterior decal application
  • Three configurations are available: 44C/100Y, 218Y and 220Y
  • The single-class 218Y and 220Y layouts have Acro series 3 slimline seats with a 29-inch seat pitch
  • The two-class cabin layout has 44C Acro series 7 premium slimline seats with 44-inch seat pitch, moveable headrest and leg rest, in-seat power and ample stowage; and 100 Acro series 3 slimline seats with 29-inch seat pitch
  • Able to operate in low visibility and poor weather conditions (Cat IIIB full Autoland)
  • Able to operate out of major international or regional airports
  • Maximum range 2,800nm
  • Cruise speed of 540mph
  • Cruising altitude 39,000 feet