Airbus A321P2F

Titan Airways will be the first operator in the northern hemisphere – and one of the first in the world – to operate the Airbus A321P2F. We have commissioned the aircraft, and will have two operational by the end of November 2020 and a third due in 2021, to further enhance our cargo offering.

The aircraft has two decks and can carry 27,000kg of cargo, with a volumetric capacity of 207m3.


  • Door dimensions 360cm x 220cm
  • Maximum payload 27,000kgs
  • Maximum volume 207m3
  • Main deck has 14 AAY/AAA container positions, lower deck has 10 x LD3 container positions. Total equates to volume of 17 AAY/AAA containers
  • Able to operate in low visibility and poor weather conditions (Cat IIIB full Autoland)
  • Maximum range 2,100nm