35 Years of Titan Airways Aircraft

At Titan Airways we are celebrating our 35th anniversary. In this landmark year we have met our sustainability commitment of becoming an all-Airbus operator, following the retirement of our last remaining Boeing 737-400F and Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

To mark this transition we’ve been looking back at the evolution of our fleet through our 35 year history, from our first flights, piloted by our founder, to today’s modern passenger and cargo fleet.

While we are proud of our history, and tears were shed at the departure of the Boeings, we are delighted to now offer a cleaner, more fuel-efficient and quieter product, and we are committed to ongoing investment in the latest technology aircraft.

Our current passenger fleet includes 2 Airbus A320-200’s, 2 Airbus A321-200’s and 3 Airbus A321neoLR’s. Our cargo fleet includes 5 Airbus A321P2F’s and an Airbus A330P2F.