Coming Soon: Titan Airways Airbus A320

Posted: Monday 28th January 2013

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of finalising the deal on the lease of a new aircraft.  The 7 year young Airbus A320-233 will be joining the fleet in the spring and is expected to be in operation by 1st May.

A quiet, modern, environmentally friendly, twin engine jet with a spacious ergonomic interior, the A320 is the aircraft of choice for whole host of airlines worldwide. 

For ultimate comfort, our Titan Airways A320 will be configured with just 168 brand new all-leather seats. Limiting the aircraft capacity to a maximum of 168 passengers allows for a roomy minimum 31 inch seat pitch throughout the cabin.  The seating will be versatile too with several rows of variable geometry seats making it possible to offer a split standard/club class cabin.  These rows ingeniously designed seats, like those in our Boeing 757, will convert at the touch of a button from 6 abreast to 4 abreast with a drop down central table.  The aircraft will also be equipped with drop-down in-flight entertainment screens at approximately 3 rows intervals.

The Titan Airways A320-233 will be available from May 2013 for short, medium or long term lease, ad hoc charter and airline sub-charter.  For more details of this unique aircraft in the charter market contact our commercial sales team at the following address or telephone 01279 680616.