New and Improved Inflight Catering

Posted: Sunday 3rd February 2013

In order to maintain and improve the quality of the inflight service on which we pride ourselves at Titan, we are now working with new catering suppliers. 

After a long search for suppliers with a product to meet our high expectations, we followed up on a recommendation that lead to the selection of Royalblue Executive Services.  Although Royalblue mainly specialise in VIP catering for executive jets, they are also able to provide comprehensive menus for our larger private charters and tour operator charters.  The eclectic variety of menus available with Royalblue now enables us to offer tiered services, at different price points, to match a given client’s budget and aspirations.

Since Royalblue are based near LHR rather than onsite at STN, they are not packing our dry stores, bars, kiosks, or facilitating our “go-now” flights.  These services are provided by Gate Aviation.